Storage Units – All you need to know

Storage units are gradually gaining popularity in society. More and more households are leasing these units to store items
that are not frequently used in the house. Such items are not junk and cannot dispos of.

The most popular storage units are self-storage units. Self-storage units are units that you rent on a monthly basis
and to which you have access to enter and leave at will. To pass the gates, you need to have a keycard or a password and you can only enter within certain specified hours. The storage companies usually deactivate the keycards of users who are late to make the monthly payments. If you fail to pay the monthly fees after 30 days, the self-storage company will auction the contents of your unit. The self-storage unit come in different sizes and you pay depending on the size of the unit you take.

Self-storage unit have many advantages, but the greatest advantage is the fact that they are convenient in that you can
store the extras you do not use frequently. Such things include Christmas trees and ornaments, equipment and clothing used in
the winter season and even furniture that you are not using. With self-storage units, you guarantee that your items are
protected from fire, water and pest damage. Another advantage is the fact that you are able to insure your belongings, something that is very difficult with storage at your home or office. However, you should check your policy’s fine print because some storage companies are just fronts for criminal activities such as identity theft and other cyber crimes.

Disadvantages Of Self Storage Units

However, self-storage unit have some disadvantages that you should weigh against the advantages before making a decision.
Most storage and moving companies providing this service do not have actual contacts, meaning they can raise the rest of the unit at will. Another disadvantage is the high cost, especially compared to
storing your belongings in your own garage or other options such as mini storage.

Another option is mini storage units which are mostly used by organizations. With these units, the organization stores its
extra stuff such as furniture and old files in a storage facility near the office. The mini storage units have the advantage of being near the office. However, they are disadvantageous in that it is expensive compared to other options such as storing extra stuff in the organization’s premises and there is a greater risk of theft of important information.

There are other storage units that are simply holding facilities by storage companies where there is even an option of the storage company doing the packing and loading for you among other customized services.

Whichever option of storage unit you pick, you should check the credibility of the company. You should go online to get such information and other relevant information such as the online estimates – storage units will make your life so much better.