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We all know that self moving a clean, uncluttered home, sells faster and for a higher price.
PODS® helps make de cluttering easier and more convenient by providing
on-site or warehouse storage—it’s your choice.
So let’s say your house sells quicker than you expected, but you haven’t
closed on
your new home. No problem. Pack at your own pace, then we’ll store your
in one of our safe and secure warehouses, and deliver it when you’re ready
across town or across country.
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self moving

Self Moving Self Moving

We bring it.

We bring you an empty
storage container


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You pack it.

You load it up when you
want to. When you’re ready,
we pick up the container


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We store it.

We store it in one of our
secure storage centers.
then deliver it to your new
home—across town or across

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Self Service moving is one of the cheapest methods of moving goods perhaps only second to do it yourself moving. It
has become a popular method in recent years and falls between do-it-yourself and full service move category. Two types of
self-service moves exist. The first type uses a commercial trailer, which moves from your present residence to the new
residence. The second type uses special containers. You pack the items in these containers, and these containers are then lifted from the old residence to your new residence.

Self Moving

In a self-move, you are responsible for the loading and packing tasks. You will have to purchase your packing and moving supplies and handle the packing chores on your own. You are however at liberty to hire experienced labor to assist you in the packing. This is a cost effective method to minimize the workload and try to protect your valuable items in case you may not be knowledgeable in terms of how to pack some sensitive stuff while moving. Although this method may prove very cost
effective, it may as well turn out to be more costly especially if you do not know how to go about it. Most of the moving
companies will take charge of providing the packing space in form of containers, pods etc. however if you are not keen at packing the items some of them may end up getting damaged o transit.

Driving trucks over long distances for days or even weeks on end is no easy task. if the load is much it may call for very slow and accurate balancing as you drive, this experience can be so
frustrating and some one who has no experience may end up damaging the stuff in the process. It would be more advisable to
hire a professional driver if you feel uncomfortable the truck rental companies can have professional long distance drivers that may come to your rescue if you cant drive yourself.

Advantages Of Self Moving

In spite of the disadvantages, the advantages may still out way the disadvantages especially if you are familiar with the
process. The major advantage of self-serving option over the do-it yourself moving option is you are not responsible for the transportation of household goods. A licensed and professional driver will take care of this entire process ensuring that every
thing is in order. Self-service options are generally available while moving around state lines. Because, majority of companies, who provide these types of services are registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT), that govern and supervise or watch over interstate moves.

Once the goods reach the new location, you will however be responsible for unpacking boxes and the offloading of the goods
from the trucks.

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