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Buying a car that helps you travel around the country then suddenly you are moving to another country and your fancy vehicle becomes nothing but a huge immovable mass of steel can be very frustrating. As if the frustration was not enough, you would also have to pay a huge amount of money to ship your vehicle or put it up on a rental truck to the next destination. Keep reading to get the more information about auto shippers.

Knowing how hectic moving can be, it should come as a relief to have a company that offers you a moving service with the piece
of mind. Auto Transport and Auto Moving companies across the
nation specialize in transporting your vehicle to any part of the world. Professional auto moving companies can move your car, boat, bike, vans, mini-vans, convertibles, trucks etc. safely and promptly. A licensed auto transporter with many years of auto moving experience is always the right choice to move your vehicles.

The security of your vehicle should not be a worry because these auto transport companies offer satellite-based tracking system. You can relax because you can know where and when your vehicle is at any given time. The auto transport company will offer basic insurance for your vehicle. You can however arrange for a marine insurance policy, if you are moving across the seas.

Safety Is Certain

At college auto shippers, we endeavor to make your moving car as safe and intact as possible. Transporting vehicle unlike other stuff require the availability of specialized equipment such as trailers with ramps to load or offload the cars once they reach their destination. We have in our team a good number of professional drivers who have a vast experience in this field making easy work of the seemingly daunting task.

The client should have piece of mind once duty is assigned to us. Because we have an elaborate system to ensures all needs are taken care of including finest details. On arrival at destination, our crew will take care of your cars by clearing papers in case it is necessary. Storage facility is in plenty at our yards and your vehicle safely guarded until you turn up to collect it.

To help you more with your move we offer variety of tools and moving guides to help you get prepared. Check our moving guide to get tips on how to pack your car properly and to handle financial side of moving, among other important issues dealing with your move.

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